Obtaining your Canadian Working Visa!

The Process for getting your working Visa can be a nightmare! It’s recently changed to a kind of pot luck system whereas when we got our visas it was first come first served.

I don’t believe I would have one now if it was not for Facebook and the many groups where you can find the awnser to almost every question. Over the past year (we got our POEs in July 2015) I have asked many questions but have also answered many now I have more knowledge. I quite enjoy all the banter and reading about other peoples visa journeys.

The link below is to the IEC-Ask Us Anything group – the one I look at most.

IEC -Ask Us Anything!

More importantly the official website for IEC (link below) has a tonne of information on it and you’ll need A LOT of information to apply, including a cv, family information, police checks from every country you have lived in for more than 6 months (I needed 3! – try to get these ASAP), etc etc etc so read up and make sure you don’t miss anything as that may result in you missing out on a place.

You’ll also need to create a My CIC account, this is for all application and from here you can apply, pay and check your application status.

Government of Canada – Work in Canada

Lastly, check out the pic below, super helpful if you are sick of all the reading….



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