IEC Travel Insurance

Travel insurance will most probably be the biggest cost for your trip to Canada. 

We needed to find a company that covered the whole 2 years, offered winter sports cover and covered us going home if we need to.
The 2 big ones for UK based applicants are True Traveller and Alpha. 

True Traveller seems to be the one a lot of people go with but when I looked at their site it worked out to be over £700 each! Far too much.
So what I have done is go with Alpha Longstay cover and including winter sports the price ended up being around £300 each. Plus we booked via TopCashback so we will receive £101 back in 30 days! So £250 each, bargain!! Longstay allows you 2 trips home during your cover as well. 
 The catch with Alpha is that you need to have proof of ‘intent to return’ to the UK. This can include confirmation of University placement or employment start date, rental agreement, home insurance, court summons or return flights. 

What we are doing is getting some cheap return flights that we will be able to change later (we have no idea when we will be back) these will only been needed if we happen to claim from Alpha but it’s best to be covered. Plus the price of the return flights (which we will eventually use) and any fee we may incur from changing the flight date is still a lot cheaper than True Traveller. 

I have travelled a lot and have never ever had to claim on travel insurance but because it’s mandatory to get your visa and because we will be doing a lot of skiing I feel a lot better knowing I’m covered. I broke my arm last year so if I do have a big fall and injure that again I’ll be to get it treated as my hospital cover is something like £10million pounds! 
Whatever you do, you need the full 24 months insurance cover to get a 24 month visa. They will ask for this when you arrive so be prepared and have all your insurance documents printed out to show at the airport. 


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