So we finally departed the UK on the 22nd of June 2016 (today) for Canada. 

With a heavy large tramping pack and a small rucksack each we said our goodbyes to Alison and jumped on the train to Gatwick at East Croyden at 7:05, 15 minutes later we hopped off at the airport.

After eggs Benedict and a full English at Wetherspoons we set off a little late at 10am UK time. 

Westjet is a lot like Virgin Australia (back when I flew a lot with them) a young crew, jokes in amongst the serious information and free soft drinks and snacks. The flight was relatively boring as we were flying over the Atlantic Ocean, so all I saw was sea and clouds…..

I watched ‘A Walk In The Woods’, a film about Bill Bryson hiking the Appalachian Trail starring Robert Redford. Plesent and funny in bits and an easy to watch film.

Flying into Canada after 5 hours was quite spectacular. Suddenly after seeing the flat ocean (probably not so flat when you are in a boat as it was pretty choppy!) I saw towering steep cliffs with green grass and forests atop, then a few houses and we were down. 

On arrival in St John’s we had to wait in the plane for a while as we were 15 early, once out we headed straight for a teeny tiny customs area with 4 desks! 

We got to the desk and explained that we both had working holiday visas and after a quick glance at our passports we were told to report to the little room around the corner. 

The friendly lady took our passports, POAs, proof of funds and insurance documents and after 20 minutes presented us with our 2 year visas. She informed us we were unable to work in the sex industry, Childcare or teaching work. None of which I’d ever want to do. (I’m not sure about Ferg though!) it was a very painless encounter compared with some of the stories I have heard regarding working holiday visas. I’m guessing most people are young and unorganised, not like us.

We now have a 5 hour wait in the airport for our next flight to Toronto.

Post to be continued…….

The flight to Toronto was, again, uneventful. Mostly cloud but the tail end of the flight the clouds cleared and I had a wonderful view of the city and Lake Ontario. 

After landing we collected our bags and took the Union Pearson Express to Bloor. The train was nice and even had free wi-fi  (we now know that almost everywhere has free wi-fi). Once in Bloor we ended up walking to our AirB&B in Marguretta street. 

After nearly 24 hours travelling it was staring to bed!