Niagara Falls – a big surprise! 

Both Fergus and I thought Niagara Falls was a smallish town that sat on each side of the falls. Yes it would be touristy but we had no idea to what extent at all! 
On arrival at the bus station in the old part of town the surrounding buildings And quietness told a different story to what we would find a couple of minutes up the road. 

 After settling in to our lovely 4 person mixed dorm in the HI hostal, we set off in search of the famous falls. A 34-45 minute walk later we found ourselves in a large, modern town with the spectacular falls down below. The falls are in 2 sections, the American falls and the Canadian horseshoe (the more spectacular of the two) We wanderd around, took some photos and bought a 24 hour WeGo bus pass. 

On the way back to the hostal we met Rosie from the UK and Cleo, her Canadian friend. They had worked together in Europe and now Rosie was here on a working visa. We had a few vodkas in the kitchen with another guy caller Wart from Belguim/Holland and then headed off into town. 
We headed up Clifton Hill which is a street full of Vegas style amusements, restaurants, bars, a casino, museums and a lots of flashing signs and people trying to get you into their restaurant or sell you their tat. What a surprise that was, we had no idea the street even existed!
After getting some very cheap Jack Daniels cans from the bottle shop we sat alongside the mini golf watching and cheering people on as they putted around the huge dinosaurs and fire breathing volcano. Chatted and had a few drinks.

After being moved on by the police we went to a sports bar for a drink and some shots and then to Tim Hougtons for a sandwich before descending into the kareoke bar whereRosie and I sang Livin’ on a Prayer. Havent done kareoke in years, it was so fun. We then went to the casino for a bit before getting a cab back to the hostal. 

We woke up feeling rough as hell but determined to get out and be tourists. Had a massive fry up at Dad’s diner beside the hostal and got the bus into town. Got our tickets to the Hornblower Boat trip and took an elevator down to the base of the cliff. We got our bright red ponchos and climbed aboard. 

The trip is amazing, a couple in a poncho in frount of the falls is one of those iconic things you have seen a thousand times before and when you are there yourself, actually standing in the mist of the falls getting soaked and listening to the thunder of the the falling water you can’t quite believe you are there.
After drying off we headed back up the hill and back to Tim Houghtons for a sandwich. We then went to the casino to spend the $20 ticket I had found in my bum bag from the night before. Spent a few dollars fluttering on the machines.

Our last stop on our tour of Niagara Falls was the Skylon Tower. Similar to the CN Tower but a lot older, it was built in the 70s and is not that tall for a tower but the view is amazing and it’s well worth a trip up. You can see way up Niagara River and goat island as well as the town on the American side of the falls. (The Canadian side is better – fact) The Canadina side of Niagara sprawled out into the distance and ever further you can make out the skyscrapers of Toronto across Lake Ontario. 

After getting a cab back to the hostel we did a bit of shopping and had mushroom noodles for dinner before settling in for an early night. 

Niagara Falls, we ❤️ u.


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