The Big Apple and a familiar face

New York, The Big Apple, prehaps the most famous city on Earth for the music, the movies, the people and all the iconic landmarks. When you arrive in New York you are instantly impressed with its size and presence, it almost says ‘here I am, come in and have a grand old time’ 

A short tale to start with…

We were really late arriving in NY so the ferry we needed to get from Jersey to Manhatten was closed. (We needed to get to Brooklyn) We asked a bunch of people leaving a restaurant how we get a bus across the bridge and after discussing it among themselves they said they would take us to the shuttle bus. Then they changed their minds and us and our big packs jumped in their 4WD and headed to their house. Once there they swiftly called an Uber for us. A lightning storm was about to hit and we made it into the uber just in time. The driver told us the man who paid for the cab’s name was Milo. After thinking about it and looking him up online we realised it was Peter Petrelli from the show Heroes!! Wow!!

Stuff we did.

  • The Empire State Building

Big queues but well worth it. The view of the city from the top is just amazing and you can spend all day up there watching the world go by. 

  • Statue Of Liberty Boat Trip

Again, a big queue to get on the boat but a great trip. We didn’t get off the boat as there were big queues to get back on but you get a great view of the statue from the water anyway.

  • 9/11 Memorial

Unfortunately we didn’t get to go to the Museam but we all know what happened there and the details. The fountains are a lovely place to reflect and the new World Trade Center towering over the site is a nice touch. You can also go up the top of that for great views of the city.

  • Times Square

Lights, lights and more lights. Cool area to pass through but very busy and touristy.

  • Chinatown & Little Italy

Chinatown is huge, and I mean huge! It goes on for blocks and blocks. We went to a small restaurant called Tasty Handpulled Noodles. Yummy food but it came out at different times. 

Walked through Little Italy and had an ice cream. A lively area filled with Itallian restaurants and bars.

  • Guggenheim Museam

Not really my thing but a very cool building.

  • Cycling in Central Park

We rented bikes from Central Park Sightseeing which was cheap, quick and easy. We got the bikes for 4 hours and cycled the whole way around Central Park on the bike trails and had a picnic lunch beside one of the bridges. 

  • 4th of July fireworks

We went down to Brooklyn Park to see these and got an OK view. We could also see the fireworks over the other side of the city. 

The best bit of New York was seeing our mate Frankie who recently moved there. A city always feels more welcoming when you know someone there. We spent an afternoon/evening in a few bars as well as going to the 9/11 memorial and Times Square with Frankie and also went to see the 4th of July Fireworks with her. 

I really loved New York and will return one day….I hope.


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