Washington DC – The Capital of America

DC didn’t start out too good, the first thing we saw once off the train was a guy getting arrested. Then the bus driver (who clearly knew we wanted on her bus) didn’t stop for us so we had to get a cab to  our AirB&B. As we went through the the neighbourhood we were to be staying in we were a tad worried. 

But once we met our lovely host and his little baby daughter and saw the nice room we wound be in for the next 3 nights we felt a little better. 

We got a Smartrip card and put $10 on it to use the Metro. Same as an Oyster card and you can use it on busses too. 

First thing we did was head to the Whitehouse. It’s was bigger that I imagined yet quite far away from where you can view it. Their gardeners certainly do a good job though! 

We then walked down to the Mall where pretty much everything you want to see in the City is. It’s huge! It stretches for 1.9 miles from the Lincoln Memorial to the Capital Hill steps. That doesn’t sound that long but the days we were in DC the temperature was upwards of 33 degrees and the humidity was unbareable. Walk for 10 minutes and you are a sweaty mess. 

Anyway, we started at the Museaum of American History, an interesting place, (and air conditioned) with sections covering, money, the ocean and trading and ships to American cars.

Next we stopped at the sculpture garden where I dangled my feet in the fountain to cool off (yes, it was that hot!) checked out the various sculptures around and then headed off to the National Museam of the American Indian. We were disappointed with this place, there wasn’t much on show. 

Next we walked up past Capital Hill (disappointingly covered in bloody scaffolding) and the reflecting pool and back to our place for a cold shower.

On our second day, DC was hot also (folks has mentioned  heatwave) so we got out to the Lincoln Memorial early. What an impressive place this is, the statue of the old President is huge and looms over you while looking down the mall to Capital Hill. You can go inside and learn about all the incredible events that happened in this place such as the Martin Luther King Jnr speech.

From the mall we walked over the river and to another state to Arlington Cemetary. (Virginia) There are rows and rows and rows as far as the eye can see of white headstones marking the graves of soldiers who died at war. It’s a beautiful yet very sad place to wander around, some were so very young. We saw the Kennedy family plot here too. 

We then walked down to the famous US Marine Corps War Memorial. Every has seen this as some point in their lives, especially after 9/11 when a similar photo that was taken of the rescuers in the rubble. A very interesting lance and the memorial is a lot bigger that I always thought it was. 

The rest of the afternoon was spent in the huge air conditioned Air and Soace Museam back on the Mall. What an interesting place, great for children. We got to go inside the cockpit of a 747, read about the planets and the sun, saw the planes they used in the wars and on aircraft carriers, learnt about the first people to fly and saw an amazing short firm about black matter in the planetarium. Worth a visit.

All in all, DC was worth a visit but I’m glad we didn’t stay too long. The heat was just too much and I think we pretty much covered all the important sites to see. 


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