Philadelphia – home of Rocky Balboa

We opted to stay a week in Philadelphia as we were exhausted from so much constant travel and walking we needed a couple of days rest. 

Our AirB&B was great, a 4 bedroom flat (the owner didn’t live there) we basically treated as our own. People came and went but we didn’t really see them. We cooked there and watched a lot of Breaking Bad during down times. 

Day 1.

We stayed about 20 minutes walk from the Museam of Art and the Rocky statue and steps. I totally forgot the movie was filmed here and was so excited to be there. We got a photo next to the statue first which is at the base of the steps to the right and not actually at the top where most people think it is.

Then walked up the famous stairs, it was far too hot to run but some people were doing it. The view is lovely, right up to city hall.

We then walked back up the hill to the Eastern State Penitentiary. This huge prison refined the system of separate incaseration and held some famous name such as Al Capone. A listening guide takes you around the wings and you hear stories from both prisoners and guards about life here back in the day. We spent a good 2 hours there and the old cells and corridoors are perfect for photographers.

After the Penetentiary we visited a bag called London Grill and had some food and stayed there until close talking to the locals and hearing about things to do in the city. 

Day 3.

Atlantic City!

We walked to 30th street station along the river and over a large bridge and got train tickets to Atlantic City which is a 2 hour ride out to the Atlantic Coast. Not a huge amount st see en route except views of the city skyline and small rural towns along the way.

Once there it’s just like Vegas or Surfers Paradise. Casinos, shops, restaurants, bars and tourists everywhere.

  We headed out to the boardwalk and straight to Bally’s beach bar. I had Malibu and pineapple, Fergus had a beer and we sat Outside in the hot sum watching the world go by. After about 3 coctails we moved to the bar and chatted to a couple of guys from Jersey.

After a few too many drinks we headed into the casino for a flutter. Didn’t do too well but I’ll not tell you how much we lost! Managed to miss the last train so got a bus back to Philadelphia at around 4am.

Day 5.

Got a cab into town after trying desperately to find a bus then the correct change for the bus. And went to a lovely traditional diner and had a massive breakfast (all food is huge in America!) then headed out to buy an Umbrella because it was pouring with rain! Headed into town to the Liberty Bell and checked that out quickly. Went to the information centre too and we’re going to get tickets to Independance Hall but you needed to go at a certain time and we would have had to wait 2 hours.

We then did some of the Mural walk and saw some amazing murals on the sides of buildings in the cute centre city neighbourhoods. 

We then made our way to the train station and jumped on the train to Highland Avenue along the Delaware river South of the city. Got off in a really dodgy area and went to a small bar and got some take-away beers. 

Arrived at the stadium and managed to find some Crystal Palace fans ‘tailgating’, where people attending the game can sit and drink and have a BBQ or food before the game. This should be totally allowed in Britain! Met a lovely couple from Philidelphia and some guys from Maine and had some drinks with them. Went in and got our seats and sat beside the 2 guys from Maine up the top of the Palace corner. The atmosphere was great and I especially loved when everyone sang the national anthems. We had beers, chanted and laughter all the way through the game. The sunset over the stadium was fantastic and we had a great view of the Commodore Barry Bridge.

We were even lucky enough to mee the Chairman of Crystal Palace! 

The guys very kindly paid for an uber for us all to get back to Philly and to an after game party an an Irish bar. Had some sliders and a drink and got an uber home.

Day 6.

We should have left on our 6th day in Philly but having waited at the Greyhound station for our bus we realised I had booked the bus to Cleveland from New Philadelphia and not actual Philidelphia!! Grrrr

So we had to pay $67 for a new ticket on the bus that left at 5:45am. 

We managed to get another night back at the AirB&B we had been at so went back there and unpacked. Went for a nosey around the park, Boathouse Row and the Museam of art near our house. It was really hot so spent the afternoon/evening watching Breaking bad and planning the next stages of our journey. 

We really enjoyed Philly and felt at home there, it’s a wonderful, historical city. 


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