Port Alberni – Gateway to the Pacific West Coast

We arrived back at the Greyhound depot in Port Alberni around midday and got some chips and drinks in the pub across the road, The Blue Marlin Inn. A little later our host Chris collected us and we drove a short distance to her home. 

The house looked small from the outside but was actually quite big. It was on a steep hill so the back was 3 stories with a seperate door into the basement where our huge room was. I say the room was huge but the bed! The bed was massive, definitely the largest bed both of us have ever slept on, it was super comfortable too! 

That evening we just chilled. Fergus fell asleep pretty early and I had a chat and a glass of wine with Chris and her partner Nathan out on the back balcony overlooking Dry Creek Park which is lovely. The trees are so tall and fence that you forget you are in a town. Chris said they see Deer and Raccoons in there at times. 

The following morning we went for breakfast in Port Alberni. We walked down the Main Street, Argyle street to a small cafe called The Blue Door cafe where we enjoyed a full breakfast.

We then wandered down to Harbour Quay and looked around the shops and markets and went up a viewing platform for a better view of Alberni Inlet. 

Following on from that we made our way back up Argyle street to where a Soapbox race had been set up. The event hasn’t been held since 1977 so all the locals were out supporting the kids taking part. We watched a few before heading back to the house. 

That evening we were invited to Chris’s mothers house for a ‘porch party’. She had recently had her porch done and was having people over for food and drinks. A fellow couchsurfer had arrived by then. Michael from the US who was travelling around on his motorbike also joined us. 

We arrived and were introduced to everyone and quickly began conversations about our travels and our lives. Everyone was very friendly and interested in us which was really nice.

We had a lovely buffet of chicken breasts, salads, hummous and dips and bread followed by ice cream! 

Michael and another lady played us some old sea shantys and rock and roll tunes on the guitar and at points we joined in with shakers and bongo drums. Drank cider and chatted as the sun disappeared behind the hills.

We decided to head into town to a bar after the party ended to continue the festivities. We ended up and the Port Pub which is a sports bar that had a big screen and DJ. We were pretty much the only ones in there. But that was ok, we could request all our favourite songs! Chris, Nathan and I hit the dance floor while Fergus and Michael played pool with some locals. It was a blast!

Tha following day we were not feeling too great and it was pretty hot so we slept in and chilled at the house for a bit. 

We walked up past Dry Creek Park to the supermarket and got some food that evening and the following day for our journey to Vancouver. 

Made soup once back at the house but when someone mentioned they were ordering fried chicken in we had that too. Sat outside with Nathan and Michael and ate our chicken and chatted before getting an early night.

Port Alberni was lovely but you definately need a car as most of the big attractions are a fair drive out of town. Thanks to Chris and Nathan for their great hosting!


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