Calgary – Car hunting….

We caught the Greyhound from the Vancouver terminal at 6pm. It was sad saying goodbye as we really enjoyed our time in BC. 

Read magazines, and watched the scenery go by until we stopped in Kamloops around 10pm for a dinner stop. 

Pretty much slept the rest of the way apart from the very end when we were coming past Canmore. In the moonlight, I could see the tops of the Rockies shining grey and silver and as the sun rose slowly the outlines of the mountains appeared.As we arrived out on to the plains the early morning fog was so think, at times I could see nothing but the edge of the road. Passed the site of the Olympic Games with its luge and massive ski jumps and arrived in Calgary at around 6am. 

Caught the train into the city and checked in at our AirB&B in Crescent Heights.

Over the next few days we searched Kijiji and dealerships for second hand cars. In between, we strolled around the city, had some lovely lunches and chilled out a lot.

Our second, third and forth nights were spent couchsurfing in Kensingon with a lovely lady called Kristen. 

Regarding cars, first we saw one that had been broken into and wouldn’t start, then a rust bucket, one that made a clunking noise and another one that we actually took to a garage for a check up before buying but were told it was a hunk of junk! It was really frustrating!!  

Towards the end of the week we actually bought something! A 2010 Kia Rhondo I liked from the start but was above budget a bit so we waited until we had seen a few others before buying it. We also moved house and stayed 2 nights with a couple, David and Michael in their AirB&B room. 

We had to pay extra for new tyres and brake pads and an oil and filter change but we are happy with it. 

Had a few drinks with some locals to celebrate and spent one more day in Calgary sorting out insurance (grosly expensive), registration and bedding to sleep in the car before leaving for Canmore.


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