Settling in Canmore

Originally we had planned to settle in Banff but after hearing stories of how hard it is to get accomodation (most employers need to offer dorm-style accomodation for their workers) due to strict building regulations due to the town being in the National Park.

I had already set up 2 viewings for rooms in flats. The first one we went to was just beautiful but it was up off Benchlands trail and the walk to town was quite long. The second was at an old house in an area known as ‘teepee village’ an area the locals say isn’t the nicest part of town (compared to some parts of London it was paradise!). The lady who owned the very small flat was older and had 2 dogs, she knew almost immediately that we were not interested but offered to let us park on her driveway for a few nights and use her bathroom for a small fee. That evening we had a nice meal at a local English pub and continued to search.

Our first night in the car was quite comfortable, it was a little cold towards the morning and getting up for a wee at 4am wasn’t fun!

The next morning I recieved a call off the back of an advert I had put on Kijiji from a local guy looking for flatmates.We went to Banff in the morning for a look around and went to see the flat in the afternoon. 

It is in Kananaskis Way in a large apartment complex, with views of the surrounding mountains. We pretty much took the room on the spot. We paid $250 for the remainder of the month and $400 security deposit. We are living with Julienne and Sheryl, a couple, Nick, 2 Chihuahuas, some fish and a snake! The complex – 187 Kananaskis WayThe view from our bedroom window

Went and collected our stuff from Teepee village and moved into our new pad.

That first night we had a few drinks with Sheryl while Julien was at work. Sat beside the pool in the neighbouring complex and chatted. Settled in well.

A bit about Canmore


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