Farewell to Banff….

Lougheed Circle, Lake Louise, Brewster’s Mountain Lodge, Cascade Gardens, Sunshine Village, Mel’s, Rundle, Standish, Vermillion Lakes, Banff Buy & Sell, Elk, Mercy’s Bitches, Norquay, Brew Pub, Bow River, Dancing Sasquatch, Wolverine, Cascade, Slush Cup, Art, The Legion, Wawa, Banff Avenue, Oskar Construction, Goats Eye, 1883 Pub Quiz, Kananaskis, Tubing, Snow, Trans Canada, Tourists, Pump & Tap, Angel, Skiing, FAMs, Bulldogs, Tree Runs, Panorama, Tunnel, Tommy’s, Strawberry, Bluebird Days, -30, +30, Earls, Ice Hockey, Canmore, Aurora, White Outs, Three Sisters, Locals discount, Jasper, TeePee Town, Powder Days, Beaver Bar, Mercy’s notes, Ice Skating, The Fairmont, Country Music, Ski shuttles, Farting, Trappers, Banff Food Rescue, Australians, Banff Ambassador, Minnewanka, Castle, Rose and Crown, Divide, 7am starts, Bears, Bow Falls, Shooeys, Jack Rabbit, Eddie Burger, Kicking Horse, Moraine Lake, Gondola rides, canoeing, glaciers, new friends, old friends, family and a whole lot of laughs. These are my memories of the last 9 months. Farewell beautiful Banff. xoxo


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