Day 2 – Medicine Hat to Wasagaming

Started the day later than we wanted to at around 8am. Went to visit the Worlds Largest TeePee where we made a quick ham sandwich for breakfast and took a couple of photos before heading to McDonalds for a free latte and to use their wi-go to download more Spotify playlists. Left Medicine Hat at around 9am and headed into the prairies again. Headed out East past Swift Currant, Moose Jaw and Regina and followed the Trans Canada past Indian Head and Whitewood.  The plains sprawled out as far as the eye could see in every direction, yellow Rape seed fields, dark green crops and paddocks full of cows were whizzing past us as we drove along the mostly quiet motorway. Surprisingly the only animals we saw were cattle and the occasional roadkill. 

Fergus told me if you see a heard all sitting down it means rain is coming, we did see this but I reckon they were just hot and resting, The temperature outside was balmy and there were hardly any trees for shade, poor things. A storm over the prairies would have looked amazing!There were clouds in the sky, lots of them and again you could see them for miles in every direction, it was an amazing sight and just like the mountains, it made you feel very small. I wondered if an asteroid fell to Earth out here, would anyone even realise? There were houses but very few and far between. We saw mostly silos, oil wells,old falling down barns and the occasional roadside service station. 

Just outside Whitewood we passed a Police bike who had pulled someone over, as we tried to slow down from 120 he zapped us with his wee speed reaading machine and soon after followed us. Fergus pulled over and spoke to the very friendly policeman who informed him the speed limit when passing a Police officer who has pulled someone over is 60. He let us off with a warning then went on to tell us about his recent trip to the UK. Pays to be British sometimes eh Fergus?Stopped in Moosomin for some lunch and then carried on to Brandon where we turned North off the Tranz Canada towards Riding Mountain National Park. Arrived at thePark gates around 7pm and cruised on through as we already had a 2 year Parks Canada pass. Arrived and checked in at Wasagaming camping ground and went to search for our spot. What a lovely place, we have a fire pit and camping table on our site and we are surrounded by trees but not too far from the shower block, water tap and picnic areas. We covered ourselves in mosquito spray and got to work setting up our bed for the night and getting dinner on. Struggled to get the cooker working at first but once it was on it went really well and was super fast at cooking our meal. We had noodles with fried egg, onion and ham. 

Washed our dishes, had a chat and read the camp rules and map before walking 15 minutes to Clear Lake. Wandered along the lakeside path to Main Beach past jettys and dog walkers and saw an amazing sunset. There were quite a few people about and stages etc were all set up for tomorrow’s Canada Day celebrations. Boats were moored in the bay and we saw some folk swimming on our way back along. The water was quite warm compared to the mountain lake we are used to. 

Went to sleep in the car around 11:30. 


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