Day 5 – Winnipeg to Calipher Lake

Left Winnipeg around 10am and headed East towards Ontario. Fergus was still very tired so we stopped at Falcon Lake about an hour out of Winnipeg so he could have a nap. I wandered around the very busy beach and sat and read my Canadian Lonely Planet guide for a while before going down the pier for a look and then back to the car. Continued on our way through dramatically different landscape than we have driven through the last few days. The long straight prairies were replaced with winding roads, lots and lots of lakes, hills, deep green forest, swamps and small lake fishing resorts. We stopped briefly at a rest stop for lunch but we were mobbed by bugs so cut it short. Stopped briefly in Nester falls to watch some Pelicans frolicking in the falls before heading to Calipher Lake Provintial Park. I had looked at campsites here but never booked so we went to the park gate to enquire and managed to get a lakeside camping spot. We were also able to borrow life jackets free of charge. 

Found campsite 28 and set up camp for the night. We were right on the lake surrounded by huge trees, a beach to the right of our site and a jetty to the left. Our spot is on the cover of the campsite guide so it must be one of the best!Blew up the kayak and had a paddle around the bay.  Unfortunately it seems we left our fin at Clear Lake so we went around in circles a lot! Will have to find another on EBay. Cooked a lovely meal of couscous with tomato & onions and a couple of sausages and sat in the sun on one of our 3 picnic tables. Fergus made a few smores for dessert. (Marshmellows & chocolate melted between a cracker. Read for a bit, then taught Fergus how to play last card and had a few games of that. Watched a Terrapin very slowly lay some eggs on shore before scurrying off back to the water. 

Went to the beach for a while and chilled out on the sand, didn’t go swimming as it was so cold and the water brown and murky. Watched a very pretty Orange and yellow sunset and decided to use the free canoes and got out about 5 metres before Fergus decided is was too dark! Returned to the camp, had a shower and settled into bed and watched The Long Way Round, a documentary about Euan McGregor and Charlie Boorman travelling across the world on motorbikes. Their trip makes ours look tiny but it seemed fitting all the same.


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