Day 6 – Caliper Lake to Thunder Bay

I didn’t sleep too well at Caliper Lake, not sure why. I needed to get up to use the washroom a couple of times and it also rained during the night. Awoke at 5:30 and saw the sunrise over the lake which was stunning, pinks and purples as far as the eye could see. Quickly packed up and hit the road. It was a long drive to Thunder Bay, there were maybe one or two towns but other than that all rocks, trees and lakes. It was lovely scenery but just so much of it.Drove South on an almost completely straight road to Emo which is right on the US border then turned East towards Fort Francis where we stopped to visit Marks. What a pretty wee town, we should have stayed longer. Stopped in Atikokan for a toilet break and a look about and continued on the long drive to Thunder Bay. 

Once there we stopped at the Terry Fox Monument which overlooked the whole bay and the Sleeping Giant. Terry Fox was a young Canadian Cancer sufferer and amputee who decided to run across Canada in the 80s. He ran from St John’s to Thunder Bay but was too ill to continue and died shortly after. Such an inspiring story and I’ll be thinking of him throughout our journey to St John’s. Drove miles out of town looking for a Hostal we had read about in the Lonely Planet but the place was too expensive so we opted to spend our first night in the car in the Wallmart car park. Parked at a local park and cooked some noodles for dinner before heading to Wallmart.  There were around 10 campers and vans parked up for the night so it’s obviously a well used camping spot.

 Watched more of The Long Way Round before bed.


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