Day 8 – sleeping Giant to Sault Ste. Marie

Packed up yet another campsite and headed off on our journey. It was wet and rainy most of the morning but still warm and a tad muggy. The mozzies were out in force as usual and we already have plenty of bites between us despite using a tonne of mozzie repellent. Along the motorway we got great views of the vast bays, islands and lodges scattered around Lake Supierior. Stopped at a wee beach for a rest and to throw some skimming stones and were just amazed at the sheer size of the lake. You cannot see the other side, which is shared by both Winconson and Mishigan to the East and it just looks like the ocean.  Stopped briefly at Aguabason Falls near Terrance Bay for a look and were surprised this waterfall was not in my Lonely Planet Guide at it was quite impressive. We have found the LP Guide is a bit out of date and fails to mention things, prices are incorrect and the descriptions of others isn’t right either. I spose it is a year old….Also stopped in Terrance Bay to go to the bank it put our returned deposit money onto my Credit Card. Nice old lighthouse in town too. A replica of one on the bay I was told by the bank teller lady.

Stopped at White River where a trapper sold a young Black Bear cub to a Captain who named her Winnie. He took the cub  back to London and when he went to France it was cared for by London Zoo where A.A Milne’s son Christopher Robin used to visit. The rest is history. We then went to Wawa to try and find some accomodation. A cheap motel or something along those lines. Arrived in the rain and cold mist and fog to a mostly closed, boarded up old town with no available motels. The ones that had rooms were very overpriced. The place was a dump so we carried on to the larger town of Sault Ste. Marie. En route we saw some pretty amazing scenery and another great sunset. We decided to pull up at a beach to look at the sunset. I took a photo for some ladies who suggested parkingbup at the next beach and staying the night. Seemed a great idea as it was already dark by then and it’s dangerous driving at night due to Moose on the road. 

Speaking of wildlife, we haven’t seen a whole lot really, I have been keeping an eye out for Moose but I guess they come out more at night? We have seen one Black Bear on the roadside. That’s always a treat.

Pulled up in a spot near the beach which looked lovely but as soon as we opened the doors swarms of mozzies flew into the car. Tried to move all the stuff back into the boot to leave  it ended up forgetting the cooker and ran over it! Had to leave it as it was buggered and may have been dangerous. I was pretty upset but we got it free anyway. It had serves us very well though. 

Continued to Sault Ste. Marie where we stayed at Pine Grove Motel. The cheapest place we could find. It was cheap and cheerful but had everything wee needed and no mozzies!


2 thoughts on “Day 8 – sleeping Giant to Sault Ste. Marie

    1. Thanks Becky. Having a great time here, apart from the Mosquitos, but I’m
      Sure you had a bite or two if you travelled here! ๐Ÿ˜œ


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