Day 9 – Sault Ste. Marie to Sudbury

Today wasn’t too exciting really, driving wise. Checked out of Pine Grove bang on 11 and headed to Canadian Tire to get a new cooker. Managed to get one for $44 so I hope it’s as good as our old Colman bless its heart. Continued East through small lakeside villages and First Nations communities on the mostly flat road. Didn’t come across to much roadworks today, unlike yesterday where we were forever running into the orange and black cones. 

Stopped for lunch in a cute wee town called Thessalon. Right on the bay, it had a river seperating it in two and had a long peninsula stretching out into Lake Huron. Stopped by Jo-Anna’s bakery & cafe and got a homemade sandwich each. Went and had a look ad the lovely houses then went to a beach along the peninsula to eat. It was the best egg sarnie I have had in ages! Fresh, soft bread and an incredible creamy egg filling. Yummy! Carried on East and by this time there were big black clouds in the sky so we knew rain was on its way and we were quite glad we weren’t camping that night!​

​Once the rain came it came hard! Listened to a very interesting Stephen Fry audio book which was very funny and a nice chance from music to be honest. 

Carried on into Sudbury where the rain stopped and we found our host, Audrey’s home. Audrey is 36 and has 2 children, Eve and Caleb who were there when we arrived. The house is a large bungalow style home across from a school and is on a road not too far from the motorway.

Sat and chatted for a while and had a couple of Twisted Teas before ordering a pizza. When it came to the door Audrey wouldn’t accept any money from us so that was an unexpected but very welcomed treat.

We all clambered in the car and spent the next hour or so driving around town looking at tourist spots. Sudbury is surrounded by a number of Nikel mines and there are huge chimneys and factories all over town. As we drove down the road Audrey pointed out things of interest and had a lot of knowledge about her adopted hometown. Visited the Big Nikel, a 9 metre high replica of the Canadian Nikel and got some photos.Also went to Bell park to check out the beach and drove over to the university sector on the other side of the bay and then up to a Lookout where we saw a load of statues and a maze.Returned to the house and chatted, had a drink and chilled. I learned Audrey is studying nursing, her boyfriend is in a yoyo team, and he also has 2 children and they have a foster daughter there too (who I met later on) so it’s a busy household. It’s people like her that are the reason I love Couchsurfing, you enter a stranger’s home and upon leaving you are friends. 

In a world full of negativity and distrust it’s so nice to meet caring and giving people who are interested in sharing their lives with you and hearing about yours. Everyone should experience Couchsurfing.


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