Day 10 – Sudbury to Petawawa

Departed Audrey’s home around 10am and got on the road East towards Ottawa. I hadn’t booked anywhere for the night but I knew there were camping grounds around the area so we stoped in North Bay at McDonalds and looked at prices on the internet for the places in the Camping in Ontario book Fergus had picked up. Decided to head to Petawawa and try our luck at Pine Ridge Park. Fido had suspended both our numbers instead of just mine so we were unable to call up for availability. Grr!

Not an overly interesting drive again. Saw much of the same stuff we did on previous days. Forest, lakes, long straights and cute little towns. Arrived in Petawawa around 4pm and found the Pine Ridge Park campground. It’s right on the river so has heaps of activities for campers and has a bar with a pool table!  Luckily there was space and for $25 we were in the RV section. All these huge homes on wheels with all the mod cons and then our wee Kia! We pretty much unpacked and started drinking. It was Saturday after all! We had stoped earlier to get some beer and some refreshing Palm Bays for me. We both utilised the free wifi and called our Mums and updated them on our progress across Canada and heard news from back in London and Dunedin. 

Chatted to our neighbours, a lovely retired couple from Red Deer who were on a 10 month long roadtrip. They let us in to have a look at their huge trailer. It was very impressive. They said although they now have pretty much a home on wheels, when they were younger they did exactely as we are and slept in their car. I hope we have a traitor or similar to travel in someday.Also chatted to the group on the other side of us who were French-Canadians from not too far away and were lovely too. Hit the sack around midnight. 

Even though most of the camp sites we have stayed in are in National or Provincial parks which are beautiful, I preferred Pine Ridge out of all the sites we have visited so far. Less mozzies, nicer facilities, neighbours to chat to, let’s hope the ones we have yet to visit are just as nice or a combination of the two. 


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