Day 11 – Petawawa to Ottawa

Hung around the campsite for a bit using the free wifi, rearranging the car (actually put the back seats back up as we won’t be car camping for at least 4 days) and milling about. Went to the beach for a look and headed to KFC (or PFK in French!)Both got a 4 piece pack with 4 pieces of chicken, chips gravy and a drink. Yes I know that’s piggy but we don’t have KFC in Banff so it was a real treat. Carried on East towards Ottawa. It was only a short 2 hour drive so we took our time as we didn’t need to be in Ottawa until 4pm.

The weather was mostly sunny en route but about 20k from the city a huge cloud came in and it absolutely bucketed down, so much so we could hardly see the road!Made it to our Couchsurfing host Terri’s house around 3 and parked on the road opposite her house and walked into town. Walked along the river in the hot, humid weather, past bridges, a Blues festival and skyscrapers to the Parliament Buildings. Compared to European Buildings we have seen they weren’t all that impressive but it was nice to see where all the important decisions are made for our wonderful temporary home. With Canada (and NZ/OZ for that matter) being so young, when they talk about historical places and buildings it makes you appreciate the history in London and the UK a lot more as ‘old’ in England is a whole different ballgame really.Walked back to Terri’s and met her and her friend Heather in the backyard enjoying a mojito. Had a beer and chatted before moving inside to avoid the rain.

We were very spoilt, enjoyed some grilled haloumi and Terri’s homemade pickled beans and onions for starters before goats cheese and mushrooms rolled in Pork Tenderloin with feta salad and broccoli. Definately the best meal I’ve had in a long time and totally unexpected. Chatted about Ottawa, travel, Couchsurfing, work and life in general. Terri is obviously a foodie, the meal was just fab and we had prosecco to start followed by red with our main. Her pickles were amazing and to think we were just going to have noodles for dinner! 

Fergus and I washed up, said goodbye to Heather and went to sleep on the fold out sofa around 11pm. We are very lucky people indeed. 

I hope one day we can host travellers with the same hospitality we received that night. 


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