Day 15 – Montreal to Quebec

Left Montreal late after doing a bit of shopping in Westmount and having breakfast. 

Drove about 2.5 hours to Quebec City. Not much to see on the way we drove, it was a lot like motorways in the UK, trees on either side of the motorway giving way to fields in places but mainly straight and flat. Getting into the city was easy and our host, Jean’s place was just off the main road into town. 

He lives in a 2.5 bedroom new-build, modern flat in a quiet area at the foot of a steep hill. We unpacked our gear and went out for dinner. Walked up the very steep hill where Jean told us his personal trainer takes him to train. Sounds like too much hard work to me! Chatted and he told us about the city. Went to a lovely French restaurant on Boulevard Rene-Levesque called Cochin Dingue. I was difficult and had 2 starters, steak with satay sauce and grilled cheese & salad. It was very good and I haven’t had satay aside in years, I’d forgotten how good it was!

Jean very kindly paid for our meal which we were not expecting but incredibly thankful for. We are so very lucky.

After our wonderful dinner, Jean took us to one of his favourite spots that he takes friends and family when they visit Quebec. Chocotats Favoris a legendary ice cream shop like no other I have ever visited. You choose a size, flavour of ice cream, type of chocolate dip and then your topping. The topping is nothing like ice magic either, it’s about 2cm thick! Overindulgence at its finest!Walked back to Jean’s for a nightcap and saw a lovely sunset on the way down the hill.


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