Day 16 – Quebec City to Rivière-du-Loup

We started our day with a breakfast of chicken noodles (yes I know that’s bad) that I had been carrying around in my rucksack for days.  Drove to a car park in town and paid $18 for 24 hours. The cheapest way as we had no idea how long we would be.

Walked up a steep street to Old Quebec which covers an area of 1.4 km. In 1985 it was declared a World Heritage Site and you can certainly see why. 

Office Buildings, busy streets and chain restaurants makeway for quaint French style cafes with hanging baskets and terraces, boutiques with brightly coloured awnings, art galleries with painted city scenes, squares containing statues of the citys founding fathers and fountains and of course, souvineer shops containing tacky Chinese made wares. Old Quebec really is a lovely area, I could have spent hours browsing the stores had I not been on such a strict budget. I considered buying a lovely print of the city in the Fall but it probably would have been ruined on our travels, maybe we will return on our way back to Banff?

The place I was really keen to see was the Château Frontenac. A famous Fairmont Hotel that is the most photographed hotel on the planet. It is very spectacular indeed and it must cost a small fortune to stay there, but for me, it doesn’t compare to the Fairmont Banff Springs. The castle in the mountains has a special place in my heart and in my opinion it’s just as grand.Wandered along the boardwalk outside the hotel watching tourists go about their day, street performers trying their best to secure loose change, water taxis ferry people from shore to shore across the wide river and people sunning themselves on the moored cruise ships, it was very hot and humid so I don’t blame them really.Walked up another steep embankment to the La Citedelle de Quebec which is an active military base as well as the official residence of the Canadian Monarch and the Govenor General of Canada.   There were free tours that took you around the barracks and Museam but we weren’t that interested so had a quick look around before heading down to the Funiculor.​​I’ve been on heaps of Funiculors in Europe, but they always give me the slight heebee geebies, this one was $3 for a 30 second ride. Easy peasy. We ended up on the nicest street in the old city (according to a friendly city representative we spoke to nearby) called Rue du petit Champlain. And it was very nice, again, just like the city streets of Europe.  Went to a creperie called Le Casse-Crêpe Breton for lunch and we assumed the place was quite popular due to the queue outside. After about 20 minitues we were seated inside the busy restaurant. After ordering we then waited nearly 35 minutes for our meals. We learned later that they o lay had 2 crepe hotplates a one girl making all of them so that is why it took so long! I had a cheese, mushroom and ham crepe with a salad, it was really good but the wait was far too long. Returned to Jean’s and collected our gear, played with the kitten for a while and hit the road again.Headed North-East towards the Gaspiesie Peninsula and getting out of the city was a bit of a nightmare but we were soon on the motorway to Rivière-du-Loup where Fergus had booked a Hi Hostal for the night. It was Fergus’s birthday so he wanted to sleep in a comfy bed for the night. 

Arrived around 7pm and checked in and went and got some wine. Sat outside on the veranda of the huge, old, white wood house and wrote my blog, caught up on my emails and chatted to fellow guests. 

Went up to a fire someone had started and chatted to the other guests well into the night.


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