Day 18 – Phare Cap Madeleine to Campbelton

Had bacon and bean soup for breakfast and headed off early. Aimed to get to Perce for lunch but it took a lot longer than that. The road went along the coast but also headed inland in places and was very up and down. Took a detour in Grand-Valley to cross a covered bridge, just like the one in Beetlejuice! Went by a few more lighthouses but we’d seen so many we stopped looking for them, saw one on the roadside and took a photo but declined paying $3 to go in. Drove through Gaspe which is one of the bigger towns right at the end of the peninsula but there wasn’t much there and we were a bit behind in time so we carried on to Perce.

Perce is famous for Pierced Rock which is an 88 metre high, 476 metre long offshore rock formation containing an arch and a stack resulting from a second arch falling. There is also North Americas largest Gannet refuge on an island further out from the rock. We paid $1 to walk up to a lookout point to see the rock but it wasn’t a great angle and we couldn’t see the hole. Lots of people were walking along the rocky beach to walk out to it at low tide and we would have too if we had more time. The town was all hustle and bustle of a typical tourist town with souvineer ships, ice cream parlours, seafood restaurants and motels lining the busy street. Fergus said at one point it was worse that Banff!

Headed away from Perce and back East to follow the road back towards The Bay and New Brunswick. Stopped in New Richmond and bought a giant ham, cheese and salad roll each and some bits for dinner. 

About an hour later we turned off the 132 that we had followed all the way from Rivière-du-loup and turned onto the J.C. Van Horne Bridge and crossed the river to Campbelton, New Brunswick. Gone were the French signs and we were very happy to see English once again. Had a dinner of sausages, eggs and salad overlooking the bridge at sunset before heading to the town’s Walmart to bed down for the night. Saw a skunk rummaging through some rubbish….I didn’t get too close.


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