Day 19 – Campbelton to Moncton

Started to day early as Walmart opens at 7 so you wake up surrounded by shoppers’ cars. Went inside to wash my face and clean my teeth and bought a few bit. 

Had our breakfast of sausage and egg rolls at a lovely break area on a beach in Petit Rocher. Carried on up the boring motorway instead of the coast route to save time as we will be seeing lots of beautiful seaside villages once we hit Nova Scotia, I’m sure.

Arrived in Shediac and went to see the Worlds Largest Lobster. It was pretty cool to see but a bit smaller that I’d expected. Shediac is a fishing village and holiday town located in the Northumberland Strait. It’s just beautiful with lots of seafood restaurants, souvenieer shops and a wonderful sandy beach with very warm water and of course the Lobster!Fergus managed to find a seafood restaurant just out of town that is a favourite with the locals and highly rated of tripadvisor so we drove there for our lunch. Seeing all the seafood signs and giant sea creatures had wetted our appetite for some fruit de mer.Chez Leo Is a family run restaurant on the shores of the Shediac River. It’s a fish & chip shop with a restaurant attached. You can get 4 sizes of meal and we went for the ‘snack’ size which was huge! Fergus got Clams & Chips and I got Halibut and Chips and we shared. It has to be the best fish & chips I’ve had in years. No skin (the Brits leave the skin on and I’ve never gotten used to that), crispy but thin batter and fish that just melts in your mouth. Tasted just like the fish I used to order back in NZ as a kid. So yummy!Following lunch we hotfooted it to the beach to get some sunbathing and swimming in before dark. Parlee Beach os located in a Provincial Park and is one of North America’s finest beaches. It also boasts the warmest water and you can certainly see why.It’s really nice and warm but you have to go our fairly far to actually be able to swim. I went for 2 very relaxing swims. Fergus was more surprised by all the small fish nibbling at his feet and the hermit crabs crawling along the ocean floor.

Went to McDonalds to use the wi-fi and get a sundae then back to the beach for a free shower and to watch another beautiful sunset.Made our way to Moncton which is a slightly larger town where there is a Walmart. Camped there for the night again.


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