Walmart – a shining beacon for ‘citizens of the road’

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Walmart, it it a huge store found all over North America. It’s huge, and I mean gigantic! You can but almost anything there and it’s cheap as chips. 

I found out you could camp overnight in Walmart carparks (they are huge) while googling ‘free camping’. I came across a site called Allstays where campers report on the camping suituation at each store. We were slightly dubious about the whole thing but when we arrived at a Walmart with the intention to stay, there were probably 10 RVs parked there so that put us at east immediately. We were safe, it was quiet, a bit bright with the car park lights but you can block that out of you are clever and in the morning you can go and freshen up in their bathroom before heading back on your way. 

So far we have stayed over at Walmart in Thunder Bay, Campbeltown and Moncton, there will be more to folllow I’m sure. It’s not glamorous, hell, sometimes it’s slightly embaressing but whenever I visit a Walmart in the future I’ll have fond memories of our once in a lifetime trip across Canada. 

Thanks Walmart!


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