Day 20 – Moncton to Hubbards

Today was a definatately a highlight for me, I had really been looking forward to Nova Scotia. 1, because it’s in the heart of the maritimes and having grown up on the coast, boating and fishing were a big part of my life, 2, my manager at work, Adam, grew up here and has shown my incredible photos of his hometown on the internet during many a long night shift. 3, surfing, I wasn’t to see Fergus surf finally, and maybe I’ll get out on a board too. 

Awoke early again due to it being light, freshened up in Walmart and bought some bits (I always feel guilty staying there and using their facilities without at least buying some food) and headed on our way about 9:30am. 

Decided to head to Prince Edward Island for lunch but when we arrived at Confederation Bridge there was a sign saying the toll is $46. $46!! No way, not for a few hours, so we decided to visit on our way back and instead cooked our breakfast of spam, scrambled egg and avacago rolls in the information centre car park. Carried on into Nova Scotia and stopped at the information centre for maps and pamphlets. The car is starting to get bogged down with pamphlets I’ve collected! Got a photo with the sign, it’s pretty neat and you can drive to it.Drove the Glooscap Trail South to Parrsborro, a small town on the Bay of Fundy famous for its fossil and rock hounding attractions. The Bay of Fundy has the world’s biggest tides, 14 metres in places and due to this you can scowl the beaches for coloured rocks and fossils.From Parrsboro we travelled East into Truro then South again, through lush rolling hills and small rural towns and turned South West to head down to Peggy’s Cove. Peggy’s Cove is one of the most visited sites in Canada and I had read about it in my Lonely Planet. It’s most famous for its lighthouse but the surrounding fishing villages, beaches, calm bays and ornate houses are just as stunning. The huge bayside mansions kind of ruin the vibe as well as the huge tour buses parked near the lighthouse. I actually say one woman climbing the rocks with high-heeled wedge sandals on! Crazy! The fog had rolled in as we arrived and was quite a sight, how quickly, bright blue sky had turned grey and damp was astounding. Seeing a storm out here must be interesting. It was a lovely place, not a lot to do for young locals I’d imagine but plenty to entertain older, retired folk.It was getting late by then so we headed offf and drove another 45 minutes to our Air B&B accomatoon in Hubbards. Fergus had found someone offering a Rustic cabin on a pond for $32, sounded right up our street so we booked it immediately. Arrived at Joel & April’s beautiful home around 7:30 and had a chat with them before settling in. The cabin is beautiful, just like you’d see in a movie, actually thinking about it, it looks like a smaller version of Johnny’s cabin in Dirty Dancing, although, Fergus and I did not try ‘the lift’ in the pond outside! The cabin is mostly made up of screens so you can hear the birds, frogs and insects outside so if you are not a nature lover it’s perhaps not the place for you but I think it’s  very soothing. The cool, ocean air on your skin as you sleep is nice and refreshing too.Wandered around the pond for a look at the path and deck before making a dinner of sausages, veges and cous cous. Watched Game of Thrones, season 7, episode 1 (so excited to finally see it) and went to bed after murdering a few mozzies around 11pm.


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