Day 21 – Hubbards to Halifax

Made spam and egg rolls for breakfast and were on our way around 11. Such a lovely place to stay, if you are ever in the area see if the Rustic Cabin in Hubbards is available on Air B&B. I highly recommend it.Headed to Blue Rocks which is just outside Lunenburg for a look first thing. My manager at Brewster’s Mountain Lodge in Banff grew up in Lunenburg so very kindly wrote out some recommendations for us which we basically planned our day around! 

Blue Rocks is a small fishing village but various artists live there too due to its beauty. It’s a great spot for kayaking and just like Peggy’s cove the day before, thick coastal fog rolled in while we were there, you can see it in the pictures below.Lunenberg was our next stop and lunch was on the cards! It was a bit of a nightmare getting parking as town was so busy, found a spot on a residential street a few streets away from the Main Street after about 30 minutes of circling. Lunenburg is another fishing village located on the Fairhaven Peninsula at the western side of Mahone Bay. It’s also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Its won most beautiful small town in Canada, Prettiest Painted Places in Canada and Port City of the Year so it worth going for a visit I’d say!

The buildings were all neatly and colourfully painted and had lush green lawns and gardens or flower boxes adorning thei windows. The streets were clean and contained cute shop signs enticing you in to the many gift shops and clothing stores. We headed down to the jetty for a look at the boats moored up. They say, Lunenburg is a holiday destination for the wealthy and by the look of some of the yachts moored there is say that us very true! There were some beautiful saitboays there full of deckhands cleaning and getting prepared for he next voyage.Didnt have much trouble finding the Grand Banker, the building is bright Aqua and overlooks the docks. This place was also recommended by Adam and it was started by a Lunenburger is 1996 and is now also run by Lunenburger so that was an attraction too, keep it local I always say. The menu is great and it’s always a good thing when you have a lot of trouble deciding. We both went for the Po Boy fish sandwich which was amazing! I could have had a second one for dinner it was so good! 

Went to a few gift shops and wandered around town before heading off to Ovens Natural Park.  Ovens is a 190 acre privately owned park that contains a camping ground, restaurant, shop, petting zoo, cliff trail and gold panning. It was also the site of a gold rush over a century ago.

We paid $23 to get in and did the cave and cliff self guided tour. 

Tour explanation: Experience the Park’s fascinating gold rush history, unique geology and diverse coastal environment as you enjoy our self-guided tour along the beautiful sea cliff trail that leads to the famous Ovens Sea caves. High points of the tour are the visits to Tucker’s Tunnel, the overlook at Indian Cave and finally, spectacular Cannon Cave, where you will be able to hear the resounding boom created as the waves enter the cavern. 

The trail was pretty cool and it was so nice to feel the ocean breeze and spray from the water rushing in and out of the caves on your face, it was such a hot day.Avter visiting the caves we hotfooted it to Halifax to our Couchsurfing host’s flat. 

Serena is a 21 year old uni student. Her flatmate was away in Toronto so we had her room. There are also 2 kittens in the flat, Tilda and Bear. The house is big and in a lovely street about a 30 minute walk to town.We all went out to a bar called Freemans and had some drinks with Serena and a bunch of her uni friends. They were all lovely and liked to tell us about Halifax and what to see & do.Fergus and I carried on to an Irish pub in town called The Halifax Alehouse. Met locals, drank and danced until about 4am. It was fun but spent way too much money and it was definately a night to remember!


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