Day 22 – Halifax to Pictou

Got up late and had noodles for brunch (it’s all we had) and packed up the car. Gave Serena and the kittens a ride to the vets in Dartmouth which is across the bridge from Halifax. 

Drove East to Lawrencetown to check out the surfing beach. A pretty beach but the waves were 2 ft at best. It was so great to be on a beach again though, an actual beach with waves and sand. The water was freezing but the salt air and sea breeze bought back wonderful childhood memories of the sand and surf. How I miss living by the ocean.Carried on up the 357 inland from Musquodoboit Harbour looking for a place to eat. The route was windy, forest lines roads and the towns, it you could call them that, were just a couple of houses and no shops or anything. It was hit and muggy and we were hungover and very tired so stopped by a river for a sleep. 

Carried on and decided to just find a cheap motel as we needed a proper bed, somewhere to relax and air conditioning. Fergus booked a cheap last minute motel in Pictou called Dolen’s Inn. Upon arrival we got a choice of 3 rooms (we picked the one that had been renevated) and had a chat to the lovely lady at the desk. Settled in and watched crap tv, did my blog, ate our Burger King meals (plus another meal I accidentally took thinking it was mine!) and had a bath. It was so nice just to vege.


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