Day 23 – Pictou to Ingonish Beach

Woke up feeling 100% better and cooked scrambled eggs and ravioli for breakfast.

Went to have a look around the small village of Pictou. The town has significant historical importance due to it being the site where the first Scottish settlers, fleeing the highland clearances, landed in 1773. 

We visited Hector’s Heritage Quay, a neat little Museam on the jetty which also insludes a full size replica of The Hector, the Dutch barque that carried the first 179 passengers from Loch Broom. ​​Wandered around the Museam, read about life in Scotland, on the ship and life in Nova Scotia, then we had a look around the ship. What aweful conditions they lived in, and for all those months. Went and got a yummy orange/pineapple ice cream and continued on our way. 

Headed up past New Glasgow, Antigonish and onto the Trans Canada to Cape Breton Island. Stopped briefly at the Tourist information centre where I bought my Stepfather’s sister, Lyn a Nova Scotian flag.

Stopped in Baddeck and got some ready meals of cold ham, mash and coleslaw and sat of the riverside and ate lunch. Went for a paddle in the bay and considered getting the kayak out but had some way still to go so got on our way.Headed North up the Cape Breton peninsula passing tiny coastal villages, many with signs outside the houses letting tourists know their craft, glass blowing, quilt making, pottery, it was all there in amongst the holiday homes and fishermans houses. Once we reached Cape Breton Highlands National Park we visited the Parks Canada office to get some info and then came across a Parks Canada campground so pulled in and got their last spot!

It was a busy camp compared to the other ones we had camped at and the next door neighbours were mere feet away. We were close to the toilet/shower block, the dishwashing area and the wifi hut. (yes, there are such things in campgrounds these days!) 

Went to explore the beach, freshwater lake and drove up to Keltic Lodge for a look before returning to camp for dinner.That night we were woken by a terrific storm. Loud, banging thunder and fork lightning cracking against the sky. I was glad I was in the car instead of in a tent!


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