Day 24 – Ingonish Beach to Sydney

We are both so tired. Tired of waking up early, Fergus is tired of driving, tired of living out of the car, tired of the heat. 

This has been a trip of a lifetime but to do it in a month has been really draining, we are on the road almost every day and haven’t had a lot of chill out time so we decided to head straight to Sydney to relax before catching the ferry to Newfoundland, driving 9+ hours across it and flying to London.   Had some very watery Walmart vege soup for breakfast and got on our way around the Cape Breton peninsula. 

Past Ingonish the terrain turned to steeper and more scenic as we climbed the coastal road to the Highlands.The skywas blue, the Atlantic was calm, the flora varying and the road wasn’t too busy, the road surface was still horrible though. Canadian roads are the worst due to the extreme weather, Manitoba and Quebec were the worst. 

Headed through the cantre of the Cape to the West side past a lot of roadworks, small towns and highland plains. (still no Moose) The West was even more dramatic and we twixted and turned down the windy roads and had amazing views of the now very choppy ocean. Stopped briefly at Lone Shieling, a tribute to Donald. S. MacIntosh who gave a lot of land to the province upon his death and asked that a small area be set aside and on it build a cabin in the same design as the Lone Shieling on the Isle of Skye. Stopped for lunch at an area overlooking the ocean and had chicken, coleslaw, mask and macaroni cheese rolls. After finding out yet another friend is pregnant we went on to discuss marriage and babies and what we want out of life. It’s hard to choose when you have chosen a life of adventure and travel so far, my freedom to travel is very important to me.  Carried on along the Cabot Trail and eventually arrived back at the turnoff we had taken the previous day. Headed back to Baddeck for an ice cream and a rest before crossing the impressive Seal Island Bridge onto Boulardeire Is and then on to North Sydney and Sydney. Arrived at our Air B&B host’s house and had a good chat before being showed to our room and doing some laundry (we had both run out of clean clothes!) 

Ordered Chinese for dinner and chilled out. 


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