Day 25 – Chillaxing in Sydney

Today was a day for relaxation. 

  • No driving (well not hours and hours at least)
  • No map reading
  • No cooking on our camp cooker
  • No arguing 
  • No worries about finding a place to stay

I woke up early as usual but lay in bed for a few more hours before getting up and having bacon butties for breakfast.

 It was another hot day, I even burnt my feet on the black mat as I was getting in our washing. It was hot but there was a breeze to so we decided to hit the beach. Dominion Beach Provincial Park is the closest to the house so we headed up there, it’s only 20 minutes out of town and offers a 1.5-km sandy beach, with boardwalks providing access to the beach and protecting the dunes. Other amenities include change houses, salt rinse showers, flush toilets and two large parking lots.We lay on the grass between the washrooms and the lagoon as the beach was so windy and a little cold. Had some pasta salad and sandwhiches, did crosswords, read the paper and relaxed. 

Went for a walk down the beach after a few hours of sunbathing and then around the lagoon. Found some great skimming stones too so did that for a while.In the evening we decided to go to the cinema. Fergus had wanted to go and see either the new Batman movie or Drive Baby for a while so we decided to go as we were in a city and there was a Cineplex close by. Good movie, not quite what I expected but it was enjoyable.  


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