TAX! Prices are not as they seem….

My biggest gripe, and one I face daily is the fact Canada (and America for that matter) add their tax on top of what is stated on the price tag, essentially they are false advertising. 

In every single other country I have been to in Asia, Europe, Africa and Oceana the tax is included in the final price so what you see on the tag or board is what you pay. 

There is Goods and Service tax, which is 5%, Provincial Sales Tax which varied from 0-10% and Harmonised Sales Tax which is 13%. So it varies depending what you buy and where you are buying it.A user of quoted “Let’s face it, sales tax system here is very outdated, causes too much inconveniences and has no consideration for consumers. One needs a calculator in order to determine how much he will need to pay before making any purchase. It also intentionally understates the price of products.” 

The above is so true, anyone who grew up not using this system is alarmed when they come to pay and sometimes decide against purchasing. I know I have done. 

The docket below is an example, an extra 15% tax or $2.11 was added on to a $14.06 bill. It’s not a lot but imagine buying a $300 handbag (which I have done so in the past in Europe) that would be an extra $45.00! This Trip Advisor page explains it all in detail and I understand why they do it as both Canada and the US have lots of provinces or states but then so does Australia and they don’t use the same system. Their tax is included in the final price. 

Everyone new to Canada needs to remember, if you are scrounging in your bag for coins at 3am after a night out and manage to find enough for a kebab as per the menu, it will cost more so you may be left disappointed and hungry. (This happened to me in Las Vegas on my first trip to America)So that’s tax, annoying and unexpected as it is, you also need to add on a tip if you are in a restaurant! Normally a further 15%! That’s a whole other post……


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