Agawa Bay – Dryden – Moose Jaw

Left Agawa Bay and headed around the North shore of Lake Superior to Thunder Bay. Stopped briefly but decided to carry on as we were making good time. Took motorway 17, the Northern Route through Upsala, Ignase and Dryden, an area best know for its remote fishing and hunting. There wasn’t much about but the landsacape was beautiful. Mostly flat with rolling hills in places, large lakes and rivers, and lots of thick forest. The last hour to Dryden was driven in the dark and with lots of Moose warning signs and heavy rain it was a tad scary, luckily there was a lot of traffic so we stuck behind 2 other cars. 

Stopped in Dryden and it was raining heavily, had a very basic dinner at Husky, a diner attached to a garage. Parked in Walmart and had to organise the car in a thunderstorm which ensures us and some of our gear got wet. It was a shitty night.

The West of Ontario was hilly, there were lots of lakes, big and small and rocky outcrops that had been carved out to make way for the road. The first inklings of Autumn were starting to show with some of the trees bright red, yellow and orange, It must look amazing in full blown Autumn. We listened to the last part of the audiobook ‘Crack House’ by Harry Keeble, a very interesting book about an ex policeman’s time in the Harringay drug squad. I had no idea crack was such a problem in London, I am glad I don’t live anywhere near the scummy areas of North London featured in the book. It is hell. We then went on to listen to the autobiography of Kevin Bridges. Another very funny tale. I love his Scottish accent. Audiobooks really do seem to make the time go faster. 

We have travelled a long way in the last 2 days, we are ready to be home now. The fun, exciting and interesting journey has ended and we are on the prairies. They are still beautiful in their own way but they get boring very quickly.  Passed the town’s of Winnipeg, Brandon Moosomin, Indian Head and Regina, all places we had passed on our outward journey 2 months ago, much of the roadworks we had sat in on the way over were now finished and are shiny, black, flat roads, good job fellas. Decided to stay our last night in Moose Jaw ant Capones Hideaway Motel. A basic motel in the centre of town. The room wasn’t bad, the air conditioner made a slight noise and the bath was slippery but overall it was good. It was a lovely balmy night and after a well needed shower I enjoyed a couple of Palm Bays and spoke to Dad. It was Father’s Day in Australia and we chatted for a while before he had to leave to take Jena to see her Dad. Fergus and I headed to a Scottish pub called Bobby’s Place and had a couple of drinks and shared some nibbles, sausage rolls and breaded mushrooms before heading off to the Casino. I stupidly blew some money on the pokies but Fergus won $250 on the Roulette table so we came out on top. Yippee! Had an Aperol Spritz at another very empty bar then went back to the motel to bed. 

One day to go.


Day 3&4 – Wasagaming to Winnipeg

Had a breakfast of scrambled eggs and ham before packing up and heading to the lake to use the kayak for the first time. Walked around town for a bit before heading down to the lake through a maze of amazing holiday homes to pump up the kayak. It didn’t take too long surprisingly and Fergus was on the water within minutes. I chose not to go in as it was far too choppy so I sat on the jetty while Fergus had a paddle about. Upon folding the kayak and putting in in the bag the bag ripped and the zip broke causing us to have a big row! That will be going in my Amazon review!! 

Went back to the car and then went to the park to have Chicken Noodle soup & buns for lunch.Jumped in the car and started on our way to Winnipeg. The journey was a short 3.5 hours across more prairies. Stopped at the Big Elk in Onanole just outside the National Park.Also stopped at Gladstone where we got some photos of the Happy Rock statue we thought was quite cute.Apart from that it was all flat again. Stopped in McDonalds to use their internet to find our AirB&B for the next 2 nights and carried on to Dominion St which was just off the highway and easy to find.The owners were away camping when we arrived so we found the keys in the mailbox and unpacked. Took a long awaited shower and got ready to head out for Canada Day. 

Walked for about 45 minutes to The Osbourne Village Street Party where we wandered about looking for food. Watched a band for a bit before Fergus got a shawarma and I got a loaded hotdog for dinner. There were huge queues to get in all the pubs so we chose the shortest one which was at an English pub called Toad in the Hole

Went in there and had a few beers and ciders and watched a brilliant band that just played and didn’t sing but every tune they played we knew including tv and movie theme tunes! Met some locals and chatted into the early hours before grabbing a pizza and getting a cab home.

On our second day in Winnipeg we had planned to visit Lake Winnipeg but we were so hungover we didn’t wake up until 2pm and then Fergus wasn’t that keen to drive so we went to Wallmart for food supplies. Met the AirB&B hosts, Kayla and her girlfriend who are really friendly. Chatted for a bit before they went to do laundry and we had soup and noodles.

Went for a drive to a park(the wrong park it turns out) and saw Fort Gibraltar before carrying on to Assiniboine Park.Drove around the huge park, past the Zoo, playing fields, and mimi rainway track to the Pavillion where we parked up and had a look around. Walked through the English Farden where Fergus proudly showed me plants he used to tend to back in London, wandered through the sculpture garden and past the duck pond. Got a feed of Chinese takeaway on our way home, watched a bit of Snatch and called it a night.