Tattoo Time again!

I have tattoos, I have quite a growing collection of tattoos now. I started with a small dolphin on my shoulder in 2000 and have since turned that into a half back piece with Cherry Blossom, A Bird of Paradise, a Louis flower, water and wind. I also have the quote ‘when one door closes a another one opens’ so very true.

I have the coordinates of all the places I have lived on my back also, I had this done in Las Vegas on my 30th birthday and lastly I have a large Anchor on my leg to represent my life of travel and me seemingly not being happy anchored down anywhere….yet. 

So I decided to get what they call here in town a ‘Banff Stamp’. Which is basically a tattoo of a mountain, Assumingly very popular in there parts of obvious reasons.

I found a simple design I liked and had it tweaked a bit and opted for it to be placed on my inner, upper arm. A little scary as it’s my first ‘puplic ink’, all the rest is covered 90% of the time. 

I went to JP at Perfect Image in Banff and paid $170 (+tip) for my mountain range and I absolutely love it, it will always remind me of this wonderful part of the world and the memories I have made here.